High Flex Robotic Cables

Having a secured FireWire (IEEE1394 - 1394 for short) cable connection is often required for many industrial applications. Newnex manufactures a wide selection of highly reliable FireWire (1394) with thumbscrew or latch locking connectors that ensure a secure interconnection for your 6 Pin or 9 Pin FireWire (1394) interconnections.

Product Overview

With special design and manufacturing process, Newnex FireNEX-FLEX high flex life 1394 FireWire cable assemblies are designed to be installed on continuous-moving flex cable chain carriers, robotic arm and carries with torsional movement, which are widely used for industrial automation, medical imaging, defense and aerospace, etc.

With bending radius as low as 7.5 x cable outer diameter, Newnex FireWire high flex life cables are tested to sustain up to 6 million flex bending cycles and maintain a high performance signal integrity and power transfer at same time.



  • Support FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 standard
  • 360° shielding for better EMI and signal performance
  • Custom cable configurations available
  • Rugged overmold connector interface
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant


  • Max. continuous flex bending life: 6 million
  • Outside Diameter: 6.6mm (0.26″)
  • Operating Temperature:-10℉-85℉(-14℃-85℃)
  • Recommended Static Bend Radius: 7.5 x OD
  • Recommended Dynamic Bend Radius: 12 x OD
continuous flex cable ethernet

9 Pin to 9 Pin

High Flex Life, FireWire 800, 9 Pin to 9 Pin

FireWire (1394b) 9 Pin Male Straight to FireWire (1394b) 9 Pin Male Straight

4.5 m (14.7 ft)
800 Mbps
6 m (19.4 ft)
800 Mbps
7 m (23.0 ft)
800 Mbps

6 Pin to 6 Pin

High Flex Life, FireWire 400, 6 Pin to 6 Pin

FireWire (1394a) 6 Pin Male Straight to FireWire (1394a) 6 Pin Male Straight

4 m (13.1 ft)
400 Mbps
5 m (16.4 ft)
400 Mbps
10 m (32.8 ft)
400 Mbps

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