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Worldwide Connectivity Leader

Located in Silicon Valley of California, the world’s high-tech capital, Newnex is a worldwide leader of innovation for USB and other advanced connectivity technologies. Newnex specializes in designs and manufacturing of a comprehensive line of highly creative, reliable and user-friendly products from passive cables, adapters, connectors to active repeaters, hubs, switches and controllers, for many industrial and professional applications such as machine vision, medical imaging, pro AV, aerospace and many others.

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Mission and Vision

Quality and flexibility are at the core of Newnex’s foundation. We are dedicated to providing USB cables and devices that not only meet but also consistently surpass industry standards. We are specialized in custom cable design, offering a diverse range of cable and connector options to ensure each product is tailored to fulfill your distinctive requirements and expectations.

History and Evolution

Founded in 1993, Newnex is one of the key players and contributors in the field of USB and IEEE 1394 (FireWire™) connectivity implementations. The company is one of the earliest developers and a long-time member of both the USB Implementers Forum and the 1394 Trade Association, and was recommended by Intel as one of the top three USB component suppliers in the world for early adoption of USB technology.

Currently, Newnex is actively contributing to the recent development and implementation of the USB Type-C and USB4 specifications. For example, Newnex is one the two authors of the popular USB Type-C Duel Locking Connector Proposal that was originally proposed by Newnex. Later, this proposal becomes part of a USB standard named as “Universal Serial Bus Type-C Locking Connector Specification”, leading to its worldwide adoption across the industry.

  • 2003, World’s first IEEE 1394b Optical Repeater
  • 2012, World’s first USB3 Optical Repeater
  • 2018, World’s first USB 10Gbps Optical Repeater
  • 2023, World’s first USB 40Gbps active cable up to 4 meter
  • 2024, World’s first USB FireNEX™-80G Repeater extending up to 8 USB 10Gbps Devices over Fiber up to 700m

Newnex is the member of the following international technology associations:

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