40Gbps Active USB4 Cable, 4m

USB 40Gbps, DisplayPort 2.0, and 60W PD

Featuring the latest USB4 40Gbps specification, Newnex’s FireNEX™-uLINK-40G active cable provides users with maximum USB-C performance in a single cable using the most advanced repeater technology.

The first 4-meter (13.1 ft.) USB-C active cable that supports USB4 data transfer rate of up to 40Gbps

- Thunderbolt 3 & 4
- DisplayPort™ 2.0
- 60W USB Power Delivery

Part Number (PN#): ULK40GLCC-4M
Configuration: C/M to C/M
Cable Length: 4 m (13.1 ft)

Key Features

  • Extend the maximum performance of USB-C connection up to 4 meters (13.1 ft.)
  • Transfer USB/TB data up to 40Gb/s
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 data transfer up to 10Gb/s
  • DisplayPort v2.0 video support (UHBR20 Max. per Lane)
  • Support both 4-Lane Display + USB 2.0 and 2-Lane Display + USB 3.2 mode with automatic switch
  • USB PD 3.0 support up to 20V/3A from either host to device or device to host
  • No driver needed for Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • 1x FireNEX™-uLINK-40G Cable
  • 1x Quick Start Manual Card


USB4 Gen 3x2 up to 40Gbps
USB 3.2 Gen 2
USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 up to 20Gbps
USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 up to 10Gbps
USB 3.2 Gen 1
USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 up to 5Gbps
(AKA USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB 3.0)
USB 2.0/1.1
Up to 480Mbps

Thunderbolt 4
Compatible up to 40Gbps
Thunderbolt 3
Compatible up to 40Gbps

DISPLAY (4-Lane + USB 2.0/1.1)
DP v2.0
Up to 77.4Gbps
Max. 16K@60Hz, 8K@120Hz, 4K@144Hz
DP v1.4
Up to 25.92Gbps
Max. 8K@30Hz, 4K@120Hz
DP v1.2
Up to 17.28Gbps
Max. 4K@60Hz, 1080@120H

DISPLAY (2-Lane + USB 3.2 Gen 2)
DP v2.0
1x 8K@60Hz, or 2x 4K@60Hz, or 3x 1080@120Hz
DP v1.4
1x 4K@60Hz, or 2x 4K@30Hz, or 3x 1080@60Hz
DP v1.2
1x 4K@30Hz, or 2x 1080@60Hz, or 3x 1024@60Hz

USB Power Delivery
USB PD 3.0 (via bus without additional power input)
From both host to device and device to host
Voltage Profile
20V, 15V, 9V, 5V
Current Profile
Up to 3A

Cable Diameter
4.8 +/- 0.2 mm (0.19 in.)
Cable Jacket
PVC, Black
USB Connector
USB-C, Male, White

Operating Temperature
0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32 ℉ to 104 ℉)
Operating Humidity
20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing

FCC (ClassB), CE (Class B)

1-year Manufacture Warranty

Application Diagram

USB4 40Gbps Active Cable Setup

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Q: Does FireNEX™-uLINK-40G support DisplayPort Alt Mode (DP Alt Mode)?
A: Yes, FireNEX™-uLINK-40G support DP Alt-Mode over USB-C.

Q: Does FireNEX™-uLINK-40G support 4 Lane DP or 2 Lane DP?
A: FireNEX™-uLINK-40G supports both 4 Lane and 2 Lane DP mode with automatic switch.

Q: Is FireNEX™-uLINK-40G compatible with Thunderbolt 3?
A: Yes, FireNEX™-uLINK-40G is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 host and device

Q: Is FireNEX™-uLINK-40G backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1?
A: Yes, FireNEX™-uLINK-10G is fully compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 peripherals such as keyboard, and mouse.

Q: Does FireNEX™-uLINK-40G support Power Delivery (USB PD) from host to device or device to host?
A: FireNEX™-uLINK-10G support USB PD for higher voltage charging (20V, 15V, 9V, 5V) up to 3A either from host to device or from device to the host. It will automatically pick up the charging direction to suit your need.

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