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USB Type-C for Machine Vision, Dec 2018

USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is the latest USB connector developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).It was designed to gradually replace all previous USB connector types¹, including USB Type A, Type B, Mini and Micro USB. Since 2015, USB Type-C has been widely adapted in a great number of laptops, mobile phones, and storage devices in the consumer electronics market. It allows those devices to transfer data faster while staying in a much smaller form factor.

This article was first published on Quality Magazine, December Issue.

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1394 - Best Solution for Machine Vision Applications, Apr 2008

IEEE1394 is the best solution for Machine Vision Applications since it is computer based and provides precise and non-invasive visual techniques for a wide range of manufacturing activities, such as inspection, assembly and many other tasks. Machine Vision (MV) systems are the preferred means of acquiring and analyzing visual information.

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Simplifying High-speed Cable Assembly Testing, Aug 2001

A set of simplified requirements can reduce the cost of testing high-speed cable assemblies in a production line. For high-speed serial bus applications such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) and IEEE 1394, the integrity of the data transfer relies on the quality of the high-speed cable assemblies.

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