Elevate Your iPhone 15 ProRes Video Capturing Experience with FireNEX™-uHUB-10G


What is ProRes?

The release of the iPhone 15 Pro has ushered in a significant advancement in video recording. Its new ProRes feature enables users to capture videos in 4K at 60 frames per second, setting a higher standard for video shooting over mobile phones.

ProRes Challenges

Typically, users connect the external SSD to the iPhone with the included USB-C cable for the ProRes setup. However, following challenges will be encountered:

1. 10Gbps Data Rate: iPhone 15 Pro requires 10Gbps speed write to the external SSD. The included USB-C cable only supports USB 2.0 speed at 480Mbps, which is less than 5% of the 10Gbps bandwidth that ProRes recording needs. Thus users will experience lags in video recording and risks of data corruption.

2. Limited Battery Power: ProRes video shooting can quickly drain the iPhone’s battery, particularly when the SSD also needs to be powered by the iPhone. Some 2TB SSDs can’t even be powered by an iPhone directly since its power consumption exceeds what an iPhone can supply.

3. No Expandability: ProRes users may desire more USB peripheral connections in their setup — for example, a USB microphone for better audio recording or multiple SSDs. However, iPhone 15 Pro only comes with one single USB-C port.

Newnex's FireNEX™-uHUB-10G Bridges These Gaps:

1. 10Gbps USB 3.1 Data Rate Support: The FireNEX™-uHUB-10G is one of the few Industrial Hubs on the market that supports 10Gbps USB data rate. It is ideal for the FireNEX™-uHUB-10G to pair with the new iPhone 15 Pro and the 10Gbps SSD to ensure that video recording sessions are successful and reliable.

2. USB Power Delivery Charging: By bridging iPhone and SSDs with FireNEX™-uHUB-10G, the hub will provide dedicated power to any SSD without draining the iPhone’s battery. Simultaneously the hub can also charge the iPhone with USB Power Delivery support up to 60W, minimizing the video recording down time due to battery limit.

3. Connectivity Expansion: The hub comes with 3x USB-C ports and 4x USB-A ports, enabling users to connect the iPhone 15 Pro to up to 7 various devices via the hub simultaneously. Such expandability is highly valuable for professionals seeking to link additional peripherals like microphones, extra SSDs, and other accessories to the iPhone while recording in ProRes.

Overall, the FireNEX™-uHUB-10G enhances users' ProRes video capturing experience with its 10Gbps data rate, USB PD charging and 7 total downstream ports. It presents a practical and appealing solution for using iPhone 15 Pro by professionals in the audiovisual industry.

If you want to learn more about the FireNEX™-uHUB-10G, please visit us here.

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