USB Repeaters

USB Fiber Optic Extenders

USB Optical Repeaters in Comparison
FireNEX™-5000H FireNEX™-5000C FireNEX™-5000H-Plus
Product Name FireNEX™-10G FireNEX™-5000C FireNEX™-5000H+
USB Data Rate (Max.) 10Gbps 5Gbps 5Gbps
USB 2.0./1.1 Compatibility Yes Yes Compatible on Windows OS
USB Extension Range (Max.) 500m 200m 300m
# of Downstream USB Ports x2 x4 x2
Fiber Cable Type Single Mode Single Mode Multimode OM3/OM4
Fiber Hot Plug & Play No Yes Yes
Repeater Type PCIe Point to Point Point to Point

USB KVM Repeater

USB Dongle Repeater

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