USB for Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Applications

Allows groups or individuals to communicate with each other anytime and anywhere through Internet. For video conferencing applications as well as webinar, online meeting, or virtual collaboration where video interaction is needed, USB cameras are the most commonly used image capturing devices because of the plug and play user experience. Unfortunately, integrators and users are often facing challenges when trying to extend the connection range for USB cameras during installation, particularly for USB 3.0/3.1 SuperSpeed cameras that normally come with cable lengths limited to 3m (10 ft.).

Newnex has been specialized in designing and manufacturing reliable long distance extension solutions for USB and other connections. Newnex optical repeater systems utilize the fiber optic technology to extend the connection reaching up to hundreds of meters. Newnex has been successfully working with many USB conferencing camera providers to ensure the product compatibility with popular video conferencing applications such as Adobe Connect, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet, Go-To-Meeting, Skype for Business, Vidyo, Zoom, etc.

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